Paul Blais

Thank you Monarch Video Productions, for recovering a year's worth of our priceless family memories.  When our HDD video camera became inoperable after being accidentally dropped into five feet of murky lake water, we thought our videos were gone forever.  Treasured moments from holidays with extended family, once-in-a-lifetime trips, school plays, sports, dance recitals... all gone.  This fear seemed an inevitable reality when the manufacturer reported that due to corrosion, nothing could be done.

I contacted James McIntyre at Monarch Video Productions, explained the situation and handed over my camera without a lot of hope that anything could be salvaged.  Not only did James recover ALL of my video files, but he also set me up with a backup solution to help prevent this kind of data loss from happening in the future.

I would recommend the services of Monarch Video Productions to anyone in need of data recovery.

Many thanks,
Paul Blais