Liz & Dave


I don't know where to start!!

I was so happy when you called me and told me you wanted to deliver our video to me as it was done.  I couldn't wait to watch it.

When Dave and I sat down that night and watched it, I was smiles from ear to ear watching and remembering the most memorable day of our lives.  It was so nice to see all the things I didn't get to see that day, like the groom prep. and the happiness (and tears) our families displayed for us.  You captured every moment, and the love between Dave and I so perfectly, I can't thank you enough for that as this is what we are going to have to look back on for the rest of our lives!

You definitely exceeded our expectations with the video and on the day of.  You got so many compliments from our family saying that you did such a great job and were not in the way at all which I appreciated!

Then, when Dave and I sat down to watch the video of the original footage, I can't begin to tell you how much Dave and I laughed.  We just looked so relaxed and on cloud nine that we were actually making jokes about all the things that had gone wrong!

I cant thank you enough James for everything and I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants every special moment of their wedding day captured perfectly.

with greatest thanks,
Liz and Dave Risto