Cathy Forbes

James you will never know how much your work means to the people you do it for, but let me tell you from the bottom of my heart, the Dvd's that you made from my old Vhs movies brought back so many memories that had been lost.  To be able to share with my children their younger years and show them how much they were truly loved, and to see how much they have grown is a priceless memory.   I am recommending to all my family and friends that if they have old family movies that it is worth any cost to have them put on to Dvd, even just in raw form with out your magic of editing these are memories that we can re-live for a long time and would have been lost forever and never would our children truly have know about their childhood.  I wish that people would have had video cameras years ago so I would have videos of my parents and my siblings lives I would have cherished knowing what my dad was like and seeing my older siblings when they were growing up those would be precious to me as I will never have those memories.

Thanks again for the wonderful things you do for people and for being the truly wonderful caring person you are.  I wish you much success and hope you continue to so this type of work.  Take it from me, if they don't tell you how great it is, there is no one who would have you do this who would not be thrilled at the results and truly thankful for the visual memories.  I highly recommend you hire James today you will be forever grateful.

Cathy Forbes