Andrea & Rohan

The video was wonderful, and was what I expected... well more.  Right at the beginning I was smiling.  The visuals plus my favourite song flowed very smoothly. I really loved the flow between ceremony to park shots, to reception.

Working with you was fun believe it or not.  And I was so pleased to see you arrive (from so far) on time with your fiancé, (thank you very much for that too) when not even I was close to being ready.  During the day, I didn't even notice you. You asked no questions, you just did your job.

As you can tell with the emails I sent after the wedding, I was getting impatient, but you assured me that it would be ready on time. And it was, right on the button.  And it was worth the wait.

James, over all I am very happy with the output, and have already recommended you to a few people.  My brother is getting married this year, but the only downfall is that it will be in Jamaica, plus it may be during the time of your big day.

Thank you James

God Bless
Andrea & Rohan Miller